2021.10.19 14:39 Monkeqx .

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2021.10.19 14:39 itrytobestoic Using Joplin and GTD

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2021.10.19 14:39 LittleVanessa toppathamornintoya!

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2021.10.19 14:39 Pretend_Trifle_8873 Unifying customer names Google Spreadsheet

Good day Everyone,
During my work, I receive on a daily basis a list of order for customers, the list can have several orders for the same customer.
Sometimes, the customer names are not unified that its causing a problem when it I run the script to send automatic email.

For example:

A customer name is LGA logistics , sometimes its sent as LGA logistics , sometimes as Logistics LGA sometimes Logistics LGA .ltd
Can this be possible done using a script or a formula that would unify the name based on a specific criteria ?

thank you
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2021.10.19 14:39 AnupNormie10 I hope it is not an overused template (OC)

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2021.10.19 14:39 senior_poop Woman tries to run over biker. Road rage

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2021.10.19 14:39 GmanGe Should I trade C Ridley for K Allen?

View Poll
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2021.10.19 14:39 Enough-Error-6978 Item-Item Trading

It would be more convenient if we could also trade items with items (eg. trade my pepe trophy for a god box) as it is also a common way to trade. It's very risky to trade item-item using separate commands or gift command as the other party, especially if it's a random person, can easily leave the server when trading. With item-item trading, middlemen won't be needed anymore as it ensures automatic transaction. This way, middlemen would only be needed if you're trading multiple items for another item.
The command could be similar to the existing trade command but instead of money, you'll put quantity and item name. For example: [Pls trade 1 pepet 1 god @user]
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2021.10.19 14:39 KuramaKid fast foot/retail workers of reddit, what is the biggest Karen freakout you've ever seen?

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2021.10.19 14:39 anxiousbbygirl kita q lang 😭

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2021.10.19 14:39 Maelonir 🧟‍♀️ Zombie pinup process 🧟‍♀️

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2021.10.19 14:39 GeneralElmo [QC] Jordan 4 Sail OWF batch, any opinion is highly appreciated.

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2021.10.19 14:39 rkl_photo ‘V/H/S/94’ A Visual Review

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2021.10.19 14:39 MuscleNerdStudios Day 222 Contemplative

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2021.10.19 14:39 quicklyfun The fall fanart :)

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2021.10.19 14:39 Brett-Collins What is this tattoo style called? Orlando, FL

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2021.10.19 14:39 punisher427 Stuttering problem with ps4 pro

Guys, is anyone having issues with ps4 pro? It's not a fps problem, just stuttering. Especially when traveling with a horse, this problem is happening more frequently these days. Is it a game-related problem?
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2021.10.19 14:39 jasonjackson8706 Case back gasket for OP 36mm

Probably a long shot, but has anyone had to purchase a case back gasket for any of their reps? The case back number on my OP 36mm is 2080 and no one seems to list it in the aftermarket part numbers yet.
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2021.10.19 14:39 holyducck Why doesn't Batman just use his money to help Gotham?

I frequently see this question being asked, or used as a critique of Batman, so I thought I'd share a great vid which goes into detail about all the ways Bruce uses his money to invest in Gotham and why Bruce's money can't solve every problem:
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2021.10.19 14:39 Clexa_The100 Ragnarok was so haotic i love everything about it

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2021.10.19 14:39 Salty-Ad6128 $PROG!!!!!

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2021.10.19 14:39 ev656 Jagex fix ur shit and fix the trade bug. Sometimes makes me wonder why it goes for so long without being fixed. It’s like they profit from it or something.

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2021.10.19 14:39 KazakhLivesMatter Я бы посмотрел (нет).

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2021.10.19 14:39 booty_tyrant missed connections

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2021.10.19 14:39 Big_Hug589 [FRESH VIDEO] FLOWVERS - FAR AWAY

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