Is it there any other magical girl who can fight Mami in a direct fight besides Homura?

2021.10.19 15:23 Eisbraut Is it there any other magical girl who can fight Mami in a direct fight besides Homura?

Yachiyo, maybe? I was thinking on Sakura Kyouko before "nerfs" with cloning powers
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2021.10.19 15:23 junglrot Casting audio to google device via media_play service

This is driving me bonkers, I can't see any reason that this wouldn't be working. I'm using node red and I keep getting an error. My node configuration:

Server: Domain: media_player Service: media_play Entity Id: media_player.downstairs_2
Data JSON:
{ "media_content_id": "", "media_content_type": "audio/mp3" }
I get the following error:
Call-service error. extra keys not allowed @ data['media_content_id']
Turning on the debug information for the node, everything looks good in the message.
msg : object domain: "media_player" service: "media_play" data: object media_content_id: "" media_content_type: "audio/mp3" entity_id: "media_player.downstairs_2" 
If I put into my browser it plays the mp3, so that part is good. From everything I've been able to find, this should be working. What am I missing? I'm currently running 2021.3.0
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2021.10.19 15:23 juicy_steve American biotech company to study if psychedelics can treat alcoholism

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2021.10.19 15:23 CH3ROKEE2009 What are some harsh truths and dark stuff about India ??

Well for me, its that our education system's aim is to make us useless slaves for people who did something big in life.
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2021.10.19 15:23 Samashaus Call me petty but...

I joined a raid last night and this trainer brought a Shiny Cinccino or whatever it's called and proceeded to only attack/debilitate our team, not the actual enemy.
I cant recall the pokemon we were fighting but anyway I just ended up whacking his shiny to death and another guy Paralyzed it. We lost the battle but went straight back in anyway so meh.
If you're out here to just mess up other peoples games, you're filth and I hope you burn your dinner tonight.
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2021.10.19 15:23 Even_Highway_1870 My Latest Photoshop Work. #photoshop

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2021.10.19 15:23 SuspiciousScratch883 Going into Solitude and its....broken (XBOX ONE)

So im a level 24 assasin (Uses mods) Going into solitude for the first ever time for a quest. And when I enter there's no one on the streets. No one is doing the execution. The only people in the street are the high elf who works in the store and the trator himself.
I go up to a guard and they attack on site. For 0 reason. Its ruining my play through. Does anyone know any way possible I can stop it?
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2021.10.19 15:23 ClydeinLimbo Hey, my Vegan friend doesn’t have Reddit so I said I’d ask for her….

I know you’re all nice people and helpful as hell so I thought it would be worth asking here.
My friend’s hair is thinning and falling out. It’s not breaking though. She’s a vegan and I suggested supplements as did a hairdresser but we have no idea what supplements she should buy. If anyone has any idea or helpful tips it’d be extremely appreciated.
Thank you
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2021.10.19 15:23 running_wild94 Name your fav Rick & Morty version/episode/theme you would get a tattoo of

If you could pick either one version of Rick and Morty, or a scene from your favorite episode, or even an adventure or character that you really liked, for a tattoo, what would you get? I have a hard time trying to decide what would be my favorite as far as getting inked. Also, if you have any Rick and Morty tattoos please, let’s see them! I’ve seen some good ones!
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2021.10.19 15:23 artworkmusick (FREE) Dark Soulful x Melodic x Freestyle Type Beat COLD CITY Instrumental THROWBACK SPEDUP

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2021.10.19 15:23 ImAlexandraa Sara and Itto by @mugsdraws

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2021.10.19 15:23 Elmer_Carlso15 Hearthian Solar System

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2021.10.19 15:23 Relsen My Tribute to Zack Snyder and his Amazing Work

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2021.10.19 15:23 xs_noize DURAN DURAN share groundbreaking new video for ‘ANNIVERSARY’

Today, Duran Duran share the incredible new video for ‘ANNIVERSARY’, directed by BAFTA-winning artist, photographer and filmmaker, Alison Jackson, whose widely published work explores the cult of celebrity, using highly-styled lookalikes and actors. ANNIVERSARY is taken from the band’s upcoming fifteenth studio album ‘FUTURE PAST’, set for global release on October 22 via TAPE MODERN for BMG.
The video was shot over three days at the historic Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire, which dates back to the 11th century. Graciously opening its doors to a wealth of celebrity lookalikes, Alison Jackson created lavish scenes of pure decadence, which are wonderfully provocative and underlined with a healthy sense of humour. Watch what Elton John, The Queen, Daniel Craig, Lady Gaga, Dolly Parton and a host of others get up to in one long weekend with Simon, John, Nick and Roger!
Speaking on the video, Jackson said; “I’m thrilled to have been asked by Duran Duran to make their music video - creating an iconic party for their 40th anniversary, bringing celebrities together from past and present.”
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2021.10.19 15:23 Wonderful-Travel6198 AssBeater420

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2021.10.19 15:23 Kitchen-Finger-7714 ShibaXRP is an automatic 7% XRP reflection token, Just Launched | Easy 10x short term w/ potential 100x long.

ShibaXRP is an automatic 7% XRP reflection token Fair Launching when all the marketing tools are in place. It will reward crazily to all the investors.
Why ShibaXRP coin?
ShibaXRP coin strived to create a community-driven coin & platform for all crypto lovers and to eventually achieve a self-sustaining community. LETS GO CRAZY 😉
The tokenomics
Total tax for buy and sell: 10%
💲 7% XRP reflections paid to HODLers automatically every hour
🚰 1% added to liquidity
🗣 2% marketing
Total circulation: 1,000,000,000
Max wallet: 3%
Why trust us?
❤️Based Dev
❤️Proper marketing tactics and funds.
❤️Sincere and dedicated 24/7 mods
❤️LP will be Locked for 1 year
What Marketing is in?
✅ TRENDING CMS posts every 3 hours.
✅ Exciting shilling contest for active shiller
✅ Coin listings prepared and ready!
✅ Twitter influencer right before and after the launch
🙈 Absolutely NO dev/team tokens
🙈Anti-botter and anti-sniper measures will be used by dev team
we strived to make you go crazy and drown with all the XRP rewards
We're making this the next 1000x 💎🙌
📝Contract address: 0x4cd1a3532f3faf40ac7cd94b64be9e2e64aa64af
Buy Here:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.19 15:23 RockinJack18 Hey GoPuff, please don’t put literal ads on my doorknob telling people to knock

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2021.10.19 15:23 Selderij Vaarallisena poisvedetyn sikainfluenssarokotteen haittavaikutusilmoitukset vs. koronarokotteiden vastaavat 19.10.2021 mennessä

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2021.10.19 15:23 wisi_eu Comment la constitution de la Vᵉ République a modelé la décolonisation [France]

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2021.10.19 15:23 DrMango Recommendations for winter jackets that don't make me look like a hyperlite techwear traveler?

I'm looking for recommendations for winter jackets I can travel with that will keep me warm and dry in the Austrian winter. I know the common recommendation is to get an ultralite packable puffer and a hyperlite rain coat and layer layer layer, but I dislike the way puffers look. If at all possible I'd like to have an organic material outer like wool or waxed cotton for my jacket. Something that is water resistant, will dry relatively quickly, or at the very least won't be uncomfortable or smelly if it's moderately damp. I'll be staying in cities with amenities like heat to assist with overnight drying and won't be doing any extreme winter sports, so my main concern here is looking decent and staying comfy while wandering through Christmas markets.
Alternatively, if someone can tell me more about expected conditions in winter in Austria who has more experience than just what Google can tell me I'd be grateful for that as well. If it turns out I don't need to worry much at all about water resistance then I'm probably ok with what I already own.
I understand that my preferences will limit the packability of the jacket but I'm flying from Minnesota so I'll be plenty comfortable wearing my jacket into the airport and I'll probably also be wearing it out pretty much everywhere I go so packability of the jacket isn't a huge concern of mine. On the other side of that coin though is that I don't want the jacket to be enormously cumbersome; I have a wonderful Fjallraven parka that will keep me toasty and dry through the entire MN winter but I absolutely do not want to lug that thing around airports and train stations.
I'm seriously considering waxing my black denim Levi's trucker jacket and going with a few merino layers that I already own as this should be more than sufficient at keeping me warm and dry with the right accessories (gloves, hat, buff, socks, etc.)
Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.19 15:23 BeardoPrime Jim Carrey 80's TV ad.

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2021.10.19 15:23 sheabuhbay Profile Evaluation for PhD or PsyD in Psychology

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2021.10.19 15:23 Chieri_ [EDM/Dance] DEEP BASS vol.03. 21tracks, 1hr32min.

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2021.10.19 15:23 Lord_Gremlin1944 Sjov meme jeg lavede :D

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2021.10.19 15:23 Waldo_Pepper62 It is bugging me. What make is this 78ft vessel seized (with 5 tons of Cocaine) by the Portuguese navy?

Identify this boat make please.
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