Per user pricing -- how many endpoints per user?

2021.10.19 15:14 ziggybeans Per user pricing -- how many endpoints per user?

Working out a contract and just curious to know what other MSPs do here ... when pricing per user, how many endpoints do you typically include per user? My client has at least 1 user who uses a desktop and 2 laptops... trying to decide if I just throw the laptops in or charge per "additional workstation" as well.
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2021.10.19 15:14 TheMaster010 Yaar thodi madad karo

Meri mains me rank 28K hai, Advance me 19k hai COMEDK me 22X hai , Vit mil rha tha , but arrogance me chhod diya, ki bc isse behtar to NIT hi lelunga
Ab karna kya hai - Drop ya upar ki ranks se koi mediocre govt college ya RV College se CSE
Drop lene se fatt rhi hai , but AajTak maine JEE ko kasam se kabhi seriously nahi liya , na hi IIT ko, literally sirf exam ke pehle kuch kuch padhai Ab ye motivation to hai, ki full swing me padhunga , for the first time, seriously karunga Lekin agar drop ke beech me hi padhai se mann hat gya to ? Agar firse IIT/NIT nahi nikla to? Uncertainty gaand faad hai ....
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2021.10.19 15:14 These_Eagle9726 avengers

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2021.10.19 15:14 Rush1985 I currently have all my hbar in voyager, wanting to move it (pain in the ass) to sale it and rebuy on another platform. What is the best exchange to use that can you can then move to a wallet

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2021.10.19 15:14 LonwayArti Wut next ? 🤩🤩

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2021.10.19 15:14 henqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq Ultra Blue tastes pretty good. 8/10

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2021.10.19 15:14 D_Tex_cant_beat [chill-house, slowbeats]

Did a Mix for Austrian nationwide Radio FM4‘s Liquid Radio Show.
The right stuff for foggy autumn days.
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2021.10.19 15:14 ngo_dm_aa New Digimon TCG Video Is Up! Check It Out!

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2021.10.19 15:14 nanigashinanashi Streak 11: October is National Pizza Month!

I like pizza! I've done a pizza tour in Italy a few years ago. That was one of my bucket list. I ate pizza every dinner during my stay, sometimes even for lunch. I had heartburn. I will never do that again haha.
October is National Pizza Month, but I haven't eaten a pizza yet this month. There is a pizzeria that I've been interested in. But I want to eat fresh pizza just out of the oven, so I can't eat a pizza at that pizzeria yet because I'm afraid of eating out due to the pandemic.
If I make pizza by myself, I can eat freshly baked pizza...! But I don't have 00 flour, but I have all-purpose flour and bread flour. It maybe not the best pizza, but I think I can make pizza with all-purpose flour or bread flour.
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2021.10.19 15:14 ozeraysha Glu feeling very generous as per

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2021.10.19 15:14 Dimmerbook7531 [Question] is there a tweak that puts lyrics on Spotify?

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2021.10.19 15:14 Claire_L_99 Application for TUM 22 SS Informatics

I have applied for TUM 22 ss Informatics on Sep. 8th and do not receive any message from the university. If anyone received the admission from TUM, please let me know. If possible, leave the information about application timeline and other useful information. Thx.
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2021.10.19 15:14 terga_futa_acc 3660/3680

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2021.10.19 15:14 MytholigiousEd Hidden in the Storm

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2021.10.19 15:14 PumpyDGreat Nephi streaming now

Nephi streaming now
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2021.10.19 15:14 dogelover77 1st ever in the World

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2021.10.19 15:14 TooOld2DieYoung There’s too much fucking shit in me…

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2021.10.19 15:14 bassandbrands Today’s NEW MUSIC features “You” by Yendry ft. Damien Marley.

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2021.10.19 15:14 TurnItOff_OnAgain Server 2022 and VAMT Keys - Missing KB?

Started deploying 2022 servers for non prod/not important stuff. I can activate the server by manually entering either our MAK or CSVLK, but I can't get VAMT installed on 2016 to accept the key. When I enter the key it says either the key is bad or VAMT needs an update. I found an article about KB5003478
But I can't seem to find that KB anywhere to install it. It's not in my WSUS, it's not in the MS catalog, and there are many posts on Microsoft forums with the same complaints.
Has anyone gotten their CSVLK to successfully import to VAMT?
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2021.10.19 15:14 Jotsuarez Qual de vocês fez isso?

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2021.10.19 15:14 Small_Egg_9233 u/AdoptMeTigers is trust I went first
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2021.10.19 15:14 madimadison18 Spoil me daddy

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2021.10.19 15:14 Tubbiefox legend

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2021.10.19 15:14 SPAC_Time Altus Power, Inc., a Market-Leading Clean Electrification Company, Announces Operationalization of Hinsdale, Massachusetts SMART Solar Project - CBAH CBAH.WS

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2021.10.19 15:14 groovych1ck Mystery caterpillar?

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