Today's Mini Haul!

2021.10.19 14:23 maxpearlllll Today's Mini Haul!

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2021.10.19 14:23 Guilty-Rule-7636 [H] Student Beans Accounts one Year -$5 [W] Paypa/BTC

Studentbeans Account One Year: Student Beans is a very good Website full of good deals, although you must be weary about .some of the 'unheard' websites as they may be fraudulent. In addition to this, their customer support staff are very friendly and respond very quickly.
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Acer – up to 10% off + ground shipping
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Discounts can be changed by the StudentBeans © or service provider. Actual discounts information available via website. All the discounts available ONLY during online shopping or receiving of a service.
- You will receive it in maximum 24 hours, after clear payment. Usually, I deliver within 0 - 12 hours.
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2021.10.19 14:23 trainfireki DAOLand 101. General Intro, Research and Insights

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2021.10.19 14:23 Ok_Midnight1414 Is Amarillo really as dangerous as what everyone says?

I'm wanting to move out of my state and the landscape/size I'm looking for Amarillo seems to be a good fit. When I mention this town people act like you will likely die or have your stuff stolen eventually. Should I scrap this city from my list and keep looking? Is there another place that's fairly similar?
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2021.10.19 14:23 pizzBlaze Hirohiko Araki Interview 2006 (1080p 60fps)

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2021.10.19 14:23 itapprentice03 Halal Asia Restaurant?

Hi Guys,
Are there any halal asian restaurants in Berlin? Or any Kokorec restaurant ?( Turkish speciality, very rare in Germany)
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2021.10.19 14:23 phatkhunt Quick break at the office

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2021.10.19 14:23 _alexotoole Stop acting like women don’t find good looking men attractive.

In my area I know men who are very good looking. They cheat on women so regularly and have a new very good looking woman every day of the week. These are the same women that preach the horrors of the nice guy syndrome; yet can’t recognise that maybe getting someone who has already cheated is probably shock a bad idea???
I’m tired of being treated like my looks aren’t to blame. Or that it’s to do with my personality or confidence. Women take it as either acting normally or partially creepy. It’s only confidence if it’s someone they find sexually appealing and charismatic.
Charisma is something you are either born with or you aren’t. It’s toxic to pretend like you can develop it because you can’t. You can play the numbers game as a less attractive guy and that’s pretty much it. But most of the time, while observing how good looking people get everything they want from doing nothing, it’s offensive when people blame their character for being the reason they’re unsuccessful. Because it’s horseshit and there’s zero evidence for it; but there’s a lot of statistical evidence and psychological fact of why good looking people will always have the high ground and dominance in dating.
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2021.10.19 14:23 hamzatryu Quake Champions S H I R T....

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2021.10.19 14:23 Shaatje 20/CET/PC&SWITCH - Who wants to help me procrastinate on studying for exams?

Small groups (max 10 people!) are welcome too c:
I probably shouldn’t be looking for gamerpals at this time… but yet here I am. Be aware of the fact that I probably won’t have much time this week because I should be a responsible student and study, but my friends have very little time and I still want to play some multiplayers. Please know I have never voicecalled with internetstrangers in a language that isn’t my first, so please bear with me and my accent lmao
Also, I’m horrible at playing games. Some patience is required. Obviously the same can be expected from me, - I’m there for the fun, not to win!!
Right know I’d love some phasmophobia because I just bought the game, but I own stardew valley and minecraft too. I probably have a bunch of other games too but I can’t name them from the top of my head. If we end up vibing well and playing a lot together I’m totally okay with buying new games too!!
If you’re not comfortable with voicecalls straight away, that’s fine (because same). It would be nice to chat for a bit first, and if you don’t want to voicecall at all and keep it to chat I don’t mind either.
If you’re interested, please shoot me a message with a bit about yourself. I’ll try to reply to everyone with a personal message!
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2021.10.19 14:23 LegendOfKhaos What have you been itching to tell someone, but couldn't find the right listener for?

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2021.10.19 14:23 CigarettesForKids I got the ending spoiled to me by looking up the song…. While on the final season of a first watch.

I successfully avoided going to this sub during the watch. I just had to hear that stupid, funny intro song while in the car….
Anyways I finished the show and it was great. But man… I was PISSED.
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2021.10.19 14:23 SpontaneousDream PSA: Remember to report spam.

Also mods need to do a better job at cleaning this place up. I see multiple spam posts and blog spam on the front page of this sub. netshrek pairedodue fireice_uk boomboombazookajeff
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2021.10.19 14:23 NihilHS Useful Tip Newer Players May Not Know: Finding Duriel Without Quest

As we all know, Duriel resides within the "true" tomb of tal rasha. There are 7 total tombs, and the "true" tomb is randomly selected from among the 7 each game. The tomb symbols remain constant, and the order of the tombs (by symbol) remains constant.
Normally you'd need to check Horazon's Journal (next to summoner in Arcane Sanctuary) and then your Q log for the correct symbol for the "true" tomb in that game. But once the quest is done, you no longer get this help. You can figure out which one is the real tomb, though.
Behind the Summoner you'll notice 6 floating symbols - these are the symbols of the fake tal rasha tombs for that game. That means the symbol missing from that group is the symbol of the tomb with duriel. If you can't remember all of the symbols, you can look below Horazon's Journal. You'll find a ring with all 7 symbols on it. This asset is static and won't tell you which tomb is the true tomb, but it's helpful if you haven't committed all the symbols to memory.
This is a trick that was widely known by the player base in the LoD days. It's helpful if you want to add on Duriel to any run that you kill Summoner in.
It's also a very useful time saver if you're giving someone a rush. Oftentimes there can be confusion when the rushee tries to explain the symbol to you. Plus sometimes my rushees don't know about the trick and I love messing with them. " did you know?" "didn't you just tell me?" "no..." "oh wow wtf..."
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2021.10.19 14:23 dozer9891 need 1 with a mic for breakpoint raid on regular ps4 only.

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2021.10.19 14:23 georgefisherofficial I feel like I'm about to collapse

I can't hold my hand steady, my stomach keeps making noises and it feels weird and I can't stand for too long, I'm at school and don't know what to do
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2021.10.19 14:23 Kentplayscodm Hey codm can you please bring back where we can play Legendary and master together or just make it by the new rank system legendary-Grandmaster/master-pro just like that.So i can play/carry my homies Thank you

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2021.10.19 14:23 kracken0406 So much pain

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2021.10.19 14:23 affectionate530 I got financially cheated but i feel so happy

I went to a vacation far away I paid for erotic & fuck massage. But i just got normal decent body massage without any erotic or sexual acts.
Those 2 hot girls around my age told i look Hot. Obviously i didn't believe it.
Those 2 girls told me at end of massage i paid twice the normal price & got cheated by the broker as i won't receive any sexual favors.
I tried looking for him. He was no where to be found.
Then i got back to the massage parlor and asked those girls if i really looked hot. Then they said yes, still didn't believe it.
I left the room & waited outside the room. Girls thought i left then after 20 seconds average looking girl asked hot looking girl didn't he looked a little hot. I overheard it
Reason I'm so happy that i just wash my face while bath thats it. I don't apply any face creams or hair creams etc i didn't put any effort for look.
Even then i looked a little hot for a girl. If i put effort i can look hot.
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2021.10.19 14:23 NokchaIcecream What kind of palm plant is this? How can I make it happier…

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2021.10.19 14:23 sammy9748 Salma Hayek, 55

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2021.10.19 14:23 TappmanC Moms of babies switched at birth raise daughters under same roof: 'Love is fundamental'

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2021.10.19 14:23 grapholalia Meet my Lil bear, Genji ❤️

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2021.10.19 14:23 AleHaRotK Invasions difficulty should scale based on how developed the invaded town is.

Title. If a town is super underinvested it shouldn't be that hard to defend it, then again if it's running many maxed benches then it should be.
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2021.10.19 14:23 Xasrai Question for GGG: is Scourge league party play friendly?

So, I haven't seen this question answered elsewhere, but how does the mechanic work for party play? Does each person accumulate individual progress on their blood meter each map or is it shared? Does everyone get shifted to apocalypse land when the instance owner clicks the button or do they each have to click it themselves?
Most importantly, does everyone progress baking while slaying demons, or only the instance owner or is it assigned to the person who gets the kill credit?
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