Definitely beats successful assassination sex.

2021.10.19 13:44 eulershiddenidentity Definitely beats successful assassination sex.

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2021.10.19 13:44 badshahjan Bitgame is a professional blockchain development company

Bitgame is a professional blockchain development company As a genuine alternative to these centralised betting platforms, Bitgame strives to provide infrastructure for smart contracts that can resolve settlement issues and prevent match data from being tampered with; increasing the credibility of its platform while lowering its costs by utilising cutting-edge technology; and enhancing the overall experience of online sports betting.
#Bitgame #LUT #Bitgame_bounty #BTC #Crypto #Sports
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2021.10.19 13:44 kyle_h2486 Market cap is not what it seems.

Market cap is a widely used metric for measuring the size and value of a cryptocurrency or token economy. Market cap is calculated by multiplying the circulating supply of a coin or token by its last transaction price.
Market cap does not represent how much money has been pumped into a coin or token.
As an example, if a market cap rises or falls by $1 million, it doesn’t mean $1 million has been pumped or pulled from the token economy.
If I create a token with a supply of 10 billion, put it on an exchange and sell one token for $1, the market cap is now magically 10 billion dollars even though only a single dollar has been pushed into that tokens economy.
Same thing with cryptos that have been around. Bitcoins purchased and hodled in its infancy for pennies are valued at the current market price (~$61,000) even though a single penny went into the economy at the time of purchase.
Hopefully this clarifies why market cap shouldn’t be taken as gospel, especially when valuating a crypto assets against another asset.
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2021.10.19 13:44 IamDTrickster Thigh-Slit Dress

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2021.10.19 13:44 ARBEAN123 [ps4] w: desert pyromancer set. H: ask

I would like to transfer a spare desert pyromancer set from one character to a new one.
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2021.10.19 13:44 VeryMentallyStable I just want to sever my need for connection

I was built wrong. I know people say humans are social creatures, that human connection is an inherent need for us. But I was put together in a way that means I can’t connect to other people. Or I’ve been moulded but life to end up like this. Either way, the result’s the same, I’ve got a need I can never fulfil. It’s like I’m dying of thirst but water is poison to me. I just want to find the part of my brain that thinks it needs connection can cut it out, like a cancer.
I don’t just want to be alone, I need to be alone. I can’t be around people anymore. If I have to keep doing it, it’s going to make me kill myself. It’s already pushed me to that point before, even if I did fuck it up. I don’t know what to do. It’s not even about it being a human need, it’s inescapable. How can I have a job if I can’t be around people at all? I can’t even support myself. So my choices are either stave to death because I can’t participate and it leaves me penniless, or kill myself because I don’t have the mental bandwidth to deal with people.
Every experience I’ve had with people has been awful. There’s none of it I’m grateful for, none of it I can look back on and feel any positive emotions at all about. It’s all just hate and anger and rage and loneliness. My parents are garbage people. I still have to live with one of them because I lose all my jobs, but I hate her with every fibre of my being.
I don’t have friends. I never have. I don’t really understand the concept, at least as it applies to me. Feels like something I just can’t do. I don’t care about people. I don’t want to stay in contact with people, or hang out with them, or listen to them talk to me about shit I don’t care about. I don’t connect with them. They only make me feel more alone.
I can’t have relationships. I used to think I was incapable at feeling love at all. Turns out that wasn’t entirely true, I was at least capable at one point, because I fell in love with a girl, the only real friend I’ve ever had. But she didn’t feel the same way. Among other things, it killed the friendship. Probably for the best, I was mostly blind at that point, had rose-tinted glasses so thick I couldn’t see the world with her. Once they were shattered I saw that’s she’s just like everyone else. Selfish. Juvenile. Disappointing. I don’t think I can feel love anymore after that. Think the illusion has been shattered. Not to mention it’s not worth the bullshit that rides shotgun.
I just don’t understand how I can have piles of evidence stacked to the roof about all the reasons I hate the entire race, have so much of it my brain is simply incapable of forming connections with people because it knows how garbage we all are, and yet there’s still a part of me that feels the need to torture me with loneliness. It’s infuriating. My skin aches with touch-deprivation, it permeates down to my bones. I’d constantly fantasise about just feeling a simple hug. I hold onto a pillow every night while I sleep, imagining it’s a person, even though I know damn well I don’t want anyone to take it’s place, that I’d sooner slit someone’s throat then let them into my bed. So I don’t understand why the need won’t just fuck off already.
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2021.10.19 13:44 GeneralDan29 "Brexit" was, and still is, a silly move...

More than half of brits are now voting to remain if there was another referendum which suggests that, indeed, it was the wrong thing to do. Which is being downplayed by the Daily Mail, of course.
Cue all other British media outlets...
A good portion of brits who voted for brexit, are older folk stuck in the old ways of "this is our country, so we're taking it back!". To do what? Hire a load of immigrants to farm and forage because we're all apparently too lazy?!
A lot of young people didn't have a say because they didn't even vote.
The vote was in 2016, so a good portion of the people who voted leave (which included my extremely stuck in their ways, grandparents) are either dead and gone or in their childish elderly stage where they can't even hold a spoon without tinging it on the bowl 100 times.
If we could sustain ourselves and were fully self sufficient as a country, I would understand. But we could not manage, and wouldn't have managed, without being part of the EU.
Strength in numbers.
Just my thoughts old chap, what's yours?
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2021.10.19 13:44 Better_Clothes1217 event after full mark

anyone know what event will be after full mark because i was thinking to start the happy birthday hagrid tlsq
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2021.10.19 13:44 ArtisticElephant61 LF legends with pur gohan or 7ds with brunhilde

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2021.10.19 13:44 NiitoIsHere Friday the 13th can collaborate with Dead by Daylight through Boss Protocol NFT

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2021.10.19 13:44 Slowimo-Gobaw He intentionally targeted this Woman and then tries to Excuse himself.

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2021.10.19 13:44 CandyIllustrious7020 Restaurants in Mumbai will now remain open till 12am

Covid-19 relaxations
Restaurants in Mumbai will now remain open till 12am, big relief for restaurateurs
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2021.10.19 13:44 Fit_Pie_2942 Do you ever?

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2021.10.19 13:44 El-Barto26 Dell 34” 144hz (s3422dwg). Best decision I’ve made in a long time. Scored it just shy of half price too

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2021.10.19 13:44 Ustd_Altan_Koralttan 27[M4F] Turkey/Online/Anywhere - Are you the person I'm looking for?

Hello. I am 27 years old with a busy work life, unusual and crazy according to my friends. The reason they say crazy is because I act impulsive, I can make sudden and quick decisions, and I can make crazy plans. Yes, I like to live life without taking it seriously and enjoy it as much as possible. I have a hedonistic nature and also have an NTP-T personality. My hobbies include playing computer games, discovering and watching new movies, visiting museums, and doing archive research by entering historical archives.
I have a wheatish complexion, short hair and a beard. I don't have much sense of fashion, I prefer to create my own style.
I'm not very good at starting a conversation, but I'm pretty good at advancing the conversation.
So what am I looking for here? In fact, I'm tired of the short-term and meaningless relationships I've had for a long time. I think I'm growing up now and my need for someone who will add value to my life and be there for me in good and bad days is increasing. So what I'm looking for in you is loyalty, understanding, humor, love to have fun and a mature mind. I don't care about your appearance. (Of course, women who take care of their personal hygiene and take good care of themselves come to the fore)
You may live anywhere, you may be far from me, but that is not a problem because now technology allows us to shorten distances.
If you say you can be that person, I'm waiting for your message.
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2021.10.19 13:44 Knot_Even Gratitude is the best attitude

There has been some attention to the attendance at the Senators game of recent.
No matter what the attendance was on Sunday it was great to see cars packing into the lot outside the Palladium returning life to the hockey rink.
Game On.
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2021.10.19 13:44 Ksana_Stankevich My Ningguang, Tianquan of Qixing Cosplay

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2021.10.19 13:44 CircusSeal Australian police say they have "grave concerns" for a four-year-old girl who disappeared from a remote coastal campsite at the weekend. Cleo Smith was last seen sleeping in her family's tent at the Quobba Blowholes camping ground in Western Australia early on Saturday morning.

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2021.10.19 13:44 MasterThief1610 wtf
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2021.10.19 13:44 Vincent_Lionheart 🔥POLKACITY AI NFT SALE FINAL ROUND IS LIVE ON BSC🔥

▪️Price: $1500
▪️Profit: 250 POLC/Week
▪️Acceptable Currencies: BNB
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2021.10.19 13:44 Fearless-Salad-4087 Giratina 4593 0767 0454

4593 0767 0454
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2021.10.19 13:44 Echinometra College basketball players

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2021.10.19 13:44 blamblam22 Can you do something 'out of charity'?

Is it correct grammar to say 'he did it out of charity' or is that an incorrect use of the word? I guess what i'm asking is whether charity can be treated as a quality or if it merely refers to a specific organisation or activity.
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2021.10.19 13:44 Tro_waWay_ Qual é mais viável ?

Olá caros leitores, conta trow away por motivos de me sentir inseguro sobre isso, atualmente vivo na casa de uma pessoa que de certa forma me "adotou", estou pensando em sair de casa esse mês ou no inicio do próximo por estar a haver alguns desentendimentos dentro da casa, atualmente encontrei 2 possíveis quartos para alugar a viver, um a 200€ com tudo incluído e casa de banho privada (casa mais longe do trabalho) e outro por 200€ com tudo incluído menos as contas de água e luz que são divididas entre os moradores da casa, 3 a contar comigo, e a casa de banho é partilhada pelos moradores (casa mais perto do trabalho), a dúvida que tenho atualmente é:
Vale a pena pagar mais a água e luz para estar mais perto do trabalho? acredito que a conta não seria muito elevada mas mesmo assim me faz pensar, visto que minha renda mensal é um salario mínimo + subsídio de alimentação.
OBS: de qualquer forma terei que pegar transporte público, mas a casa mais perto do trabalho fica mesmo ao lado de uma paragem para apanhar o transporte, no mais perto terei que ir sempre a pé para o trabalho.
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2021.10.19 13:44 FallenAphrodite Spirited Away Bath House Timelapse Tutorial

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