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Racist MAGA dumbfuck loses his mind because a bar has a sign in support of Black Lives Matter

2021.12.07 02:49 OliverMarkusMalloy Racist MAGA dumbfuck loses his mind because a bar has a sign in support of Black Lives Matter

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2021.12.07 02:49 Secret_Wafer3404 i played the squid game song red light green light

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2021.12.07 02:49 entalert Sold out at the OCS (Tuesday, 12:48 a.m. EST)

😢 Gone (for now)
Product Price
MAC 1 Pre-Roll 3x0.5g by Carmel $21.95
Stock-in tweets @entAlert
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2021.12.07 02:49 LoneWolf5841 FS22 how to remove Stones from planted fields.

The way I did my field was mulch after harvest, lime, plow, then I used a stone picker to remove Stones which also cultivated the field, then I rolled to get to seedbed, then fertilized, and finally plant.
The thing is my seeder is a direct drill and while planting it uncovered some more stones. Since the stone picker cultivated I wasn't too keen on using it so I tried the roller method but it didn't work so I bit the bullet and used the stone picker, good news was it didn't cultivate over the planted field but it also didn't remove the stones. This has me confused on how to remove them on a field that's planted, is there another tool I need?
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2021.12.07 02:49 Cruiser203 My ex gf (F23) broke up with me (M25). Prior to me proposing. Why do I feel guilty when talking to other girls? Or guilt when I try to move on from this 8 year relationship.

Hey guys Lately I've been in a bit of a runt. There is this constant feeling of guilt when I try to date again.
A little back story I was with this girl for over 8 years and I sacrificed alot. My home, my friends and everything, I moved to a whole new state by myself and succeeded in alot of things. I managed to build a amazing career in healthcare and managed to buy a house. I was building a place for us to create a family together. Sadly like any story. There isn't always a happy ending. And the day before I was gonna propose she broke up with me. I went through depression. I didn't eat, sleep or drink for many days. I would stare at the wall ruminating about why this happened to me. This lead to some dark thoughts which lead to a mistake I couldn't ever take back. It was a dark time that happened this past June.
To give you guys the short end. There was another man involved in this fiasco. And now she's with him. I remember her telling me "I know one thing, I just can't leave him" my world was shattered in an instant. I should've paid attention to the signs honestly but didn't wanna believe it. Since then I've blocked her and her family because I don't want to see her, look at her , or hear anything about her. Because it's for the best. Its a longer story. That I may one day tell.
Look I've already faced my demons. I've acknowledged the stuff I did wrong in the relationship and the stuff she did wrong and it was about looking at it through a different perspective. Sometimes people change, different life styles and different wants. I did my time of sleeping around, self reflecting, and dealing with my anger and depression in the forms of therapy, working out at the gym till I can't anymore, antidepressants, spending time with my family and friends and focusing on healing and shutting myself away from everything to focus on myself . And I've made my realizations and making peace with the past and the situation that arose with me and I feel ready to try again and push aside my pessimism because its only fair I give people the benefit of the doubt and not compare the whole flock to one bad apple. I've taken responsibility for my healing, my actions, and finding peace with myself.
However I sometimes have this guilt of maybe I'm trying to hard , or trying to quickly. Idk if its a right way of doing it. But in a sense I need some help finding perspective and any advice would help. Is it too soon? Am I doing this correctly? Cause ill be honest I've only been with her so this whole dating realm is new to me? Thanks for any input guys.
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2021.12.07 02:49 hermantherugger [WTB] ~69” Carbon Fiber Pole (Ultamid 4, Supermid, Duomid XL)

Hoping to find a MLD or Ruta Locura pole here for my recently acquired supermid. Let me know if you have one you’re willing to part with! Thanks!
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2021.12.07 02:49 I-_-dont_ Advice?

I'm 16 and hope to be getting a sdit to help with my tourettes soon.
I found a dog that has passed the canine good citizens test and is ready to start public access and task training according to his trainer. I also found a program that will help me teach tasks through Skype lessons.
My dad has said he supports me with pursuing getting a service dog and I have an appointment with neurologist Friday where I will ask for a letter for a service dog.
Any tips on talking to my neurologist? And when I hopefully do get a dog any tips for training him and bringing him to school? What supplies should I have that may not be needed for a pet dog and what should I bring to school when I eventually take him?
Any tips or stories of experiences with talking to your doctors, taking a SD to school, ect. would be appreciated.
(Also I don't know if this is an important factor but this is my first appointment with this neurologist because I just switched for insurance reasons.)
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2021.12.07 02:49 NOOCHdirque LEGO Star Wars Battles - Ranking Every Unit - NOOCH TIERS!

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2021.12.07 02:49 magusat999 Apparently Uber will only take so much of thier own mistakes, and then it's on you to pay for them...

Tonight, drove 4 miles to a job. Restaurant says, once again, someone picked it up an hour ago. I call Uber support.
This agent with an Induan accent "helps" me. Goes through the script as usual, inhumanely polite as usual. I tell her what happened. She tells me she will cancel and I ca ho on with my trips.
I didnt hear something. I said "Excuse me
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2021.12.07 02:49 truthseeker3408 Your kid fails classes and goes to summer school. This is how much that teacher is going to care about their education.

Your kid fails classes and goes to summer school. This is how much that teacher is going to care about their education. submitted by truthseeker3408 to antiwork [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 02:49 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Vehicle Accident-Property Damage E SUMMERLIN PKWY and S US 95; EB TO GO NB 12/06/2021 09:44:44 PM
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2021.12.07 02:49 Doris_2F Wotofo Gear V2 24mm RTA 3.5ml Less Is More With The V2 RTA Making Matters Simpler But Better https://www.2fdeal.com/search/?Keyword=gear&CateId= - Best single coil rta - Rapid flavor delivery -The flavor has just gotten more intense - Quick and easy deck building - Fixed airflow

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2021.12.07 02:49 OKLAHOMA1_ just joined this movement! Will continue to add to my position in hope of becoming super wealthy lol

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2021.12.07 02:49 klexplorer A viper from the Arizona air national guard pulling some G’s immediately after takeoff during an exercise. [1284x1599]

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2021.12.07 02:49 JessSquid What do you consider tall?

I'm a 5 ft 7 in female in the US and I have ALWAYS been called tall (for a girl) by other people. It baffles me because I just think I am average.
So here is my question: What would YOU consider a tall female? What would YOU consider a tall male?
To me, everyone over 6 ft is super tall. 5 ft 11 is also considered tall, just not super tall. Again this is my opinion. Anything under 5 ft 5 is on the short king/queen side in my opinion. No judgement, height really isn't that important but it has been discussed on the podcast so much lately I figured it would be interesting to ask everyone what they consider "tall"?
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2021.12.07 02:49 CapperDoc I’m [F28] extremely unhappy but feel guilty breaking up with my [F25]gf.

As the title says, i’m very unhappy in my relationship. I do love my girlfriend, very much… Which is why I’m still with her. My girlfriend recently lost very close person to her and she’s definitely having a hard time grieving. It’s been about five months since the loss, and we were having trouble before but everything has escalated because of course she is so vulnerable.
I want to stay with her because I love her. Ideally, we would make this work; we’re currently going to couples therapy which I have been begging for us to go for almost a year, and she has finally agreed, but honestly I don’t think that’s enough anymore. I feel extremely selfish because she’s going through such a hard time and I’m trying to be here for her, but she has become so cold and mean. Sometimes she’s just mean just because she’s in a bad mood, just for the heck of it.
It doesn’t feel like anything is getting better if anything it feels like we’re growing distant, she cares less and less about my feelings, my depression, she’s so over it, none of my needs are being met at all, I feel like I have to fish for the slightest kind of attention or love. I already suffer with depression and bpd, and been going down this rabbit hole where I am just extremely unhappy with my life. I hate my life, I’m just so tired of living, and I just feel alone.
She’s constantly annoyed at absolutely everything I do or say, makes me feel so inadequate about myself. I feel like I’m constantly sad every single day. I feel love deprived because the only person that I can receive it from doesn’t want to give it to me, and in a way I feel trapped. We haven’t cuddled in weeks and I haven’t has sex in 3 months. I have to ask for attention like cuddling, she does it like a chore, like she’s annoyed, and it’s bringing my self-worth and self-esteem down so much I’m going to rabbit hole of intrusive thoughts and I just hate everything about myself in my life right now.
I have tried to expresses for my partner, of course she doesn’t care she has her own things to deal with right now she’s going through a heavy grieving process and I understand that but at the same time I have needs that I haven’t gotten for months and I feel just worthless I feel lost. I don’t know what to do because it’s clear that I am not happy in a relationship with her end it doesn’t seem like I bring her any happiness either, however I would feel like an asshole to do that to her in a time of life loss. I want to be there for her because I love her so much. I love her company, I love her touch; I’m just unhappy because I feel alone.
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2021.12.07 02:49 FromTheAshesOfTheOld Something I needed to watch after playing the Trump | Obama 2008 scenario all day

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2021.12.07 02:49 AndhBakth Meko cancel mat karna vroo

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2021.12.07 02:49 Subject-Idea8897 Today I will.....

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2021.12.07 02:49 btbritton Dayz Server owners how have you stopped constant ddos on your servers?

A Friend of mine recently started his own dayz server, it keeps getting ddos attacks . He switched providers in the hope that it would help but he is still having ddos attacks. any suggestions?
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2021.12.07 02:49 Mysterioso888 Crafted Gloves. Worth anything?

Hey everyone
Long time player returning. Been trying to craft some blood dual leech, IAS gloves. Came up with this. Wondering if it's worth something?
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2021.12.07 02:49 bbtxxx Tgcf manhua

Can someone in Canada send a link for group orders of the manhua? I tried making a taobao account but it got too confusing :’))
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2021.12.07 02:49 CasseyBouknight [H] 1000 .edu mails, Windows 10 pro keys, verified uniday accounts [W] paypal/ethereum/bitcoin

These are real Edu mail accounts given by real colleges in the USA. Place an order.This edu mail is a guarantee to work on all these sites plus alot more

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2021.12.07 02:49 lymeisreal Hmmm..

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2021.12.07 02:49 jeswius Aarne miks et tuu ikinä dc?

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