The diameter of the launch mount ring

2022.01.17 05:02 Nico_Coke The diameter of the launch mount ring

What is the diameter of the Launch Mount Ring? I think it may be approximetely 13 meters but i'm not really sure
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2022.01.17 05:02 assagitaz EANP - Guardians (Subandrio & Nishan Lee Remix) [Juicebox Music]

Publisher: Juicebox Music
Out Date: 2022-01-14
Quality: MP3 19.30 Mb / AIFF 84.89 Mb
Genre: Progressive House
EANP - Guardians (Subandrio & Nishan Lee Remix) / (Key G, BPM 122, Length 8:01)​
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2022.01.17 05:02 Rosco_BCC Giant Revolt

Hi all,
Looking advice reference what options of tyres are available to run on the Revolt.
Came new with Maxxis Velocita, (hookless)
Can I run The Maxxis Rambler on the Giant Hookless Rim?
My mix of riding is 80% Road & 20% Gravel.
Thanks in anticipation.
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2022.01.17 05:02 plutolympics Does mastocytosis provide some sort of immunity against COVID?

Bit of a weird question but hear me out.
I was diagnosed with systemic mastocytosis as a newborn. Throughout my life, I’ve had very few infections (2, 3 at most). At the start of COVID, it got me thinking—could the way my body deal with things it is unfamiliar with help with me not getting it?
Still today I haven’t tested positive. I’ve been safe, yes, but with omicron spreading the way it is, I feel like I should have got it by now. I’m also sick at the moment—typical milder COVID symptoms—but my mastocytosis is worse. Face completely swollen, heart rate is 20 bpm higher than normal, feel like shit overall. Is there any way I could have gotten it but my mastocytosis is fighting it off? I tested negative with an antigen test is the only thing that’s knocking me for six. I’m also double vaxxed, waiting on my booster.
I’m aware that this sounds crazy and I might delete this once the brain fog clears up lol but is this viable?
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2022.01.17 05:02 ouncy42 I got 20k I wanna invested in skaking Crypto, dividends stocks where should I start and what should I research and how many coins should I buy like 10 each or 5 each 🙀

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2022.01.17 05:02 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2022.01.17 05:02 Kris_2546 АЗ ПО ЦЯЛ ДЕН

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2022.01.17 05:02 Numerous_Caregiver24 Speech Act Theory - Grief Wave (Official Video)

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2022.01.17 05:02 LivingInAnIdea Prevent family trauma from ruining relationships I have now

CW: Slight mentions of s\**ide*
So growing up, I've (M19) always had an on/off relationship with my parents. We've gotten into physical fights, with everything from holes punched in the wall to police showing up to dissolve the tension.
It is also relevant that I have a history of mental health problems to the point where I've needed hospitalization. When my mom first found out I was suicidal (I was maybe 15), her response was to pull a knife from the drawer and tell me that if I wanted to kill myself I should go ahead, and left the knife for me. We have gone through periods of not talking to each other, but usually that resolves after some time. But when I came back from university last summer, we got into a really bad fight which ended in her getting arrested (she was the primary aggressor, I was just trying to defend myself). In that fight, she threatened to pour boiling water on me, beat me with a club, and use a knife against me. I haven't talked to her since then and I'm fully content with that decision. I've learned that even if they are family, it's fine to cut people off who are toxic to you. Since then she's been trying to reconnect, but I've just ignored her. I haven't talked to her in 7 months, ignored her emails, and blocked her phone number.
Growing up, family problems never really affected me. Sure it contributed to my struggles and made home a terrible place, but I had other friends, and another place I considered home. But I've come to terms with the family issues finally affecting me and I don't know what to do about it. What hurts me about my mom is that she said all those awful things to me, and still tries to tell me she loves me. Now I don't know what to feel anymore, and it's carried over into my relationships with the people around me.
I guess I'm asking, how do I not let this affect me?
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2022.01.17 05:02 AdLittle8215 All countries should require their students learn English as a second language

If we all speak the same language, it will be easier for people from all around the world to communicate with each other. It makes sense since English is an international language. I just wish more people were fluent in it. In places like Netherlands and Norway, most people speak English as a second language. So even if you were traveling from outside the country, like from the U.S, it doesn't matter if you don't know Dutch or Norwegian because we all speak the same language: English. However, in countries like France and Germany, that is not the case.
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2022.01.17 05:02 loonling WTF Podcast: Episode 1297 - Nicole Byer

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2022.01.17 05:02 cutiepiedaily ,,

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2022.01.17 05:02 IcarusRose22 "Break The System" (Photoshoot done with a Nikon D3200)

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2022.01.17 05:02 ChanklasMom This house gremlin is 8yr old Toth. He's staying with me until he goes to another rescue. His head is easily twice the size of his waist.

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2022.01.17 05:02 Teresa69riding What makes you hate bts ?

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2022.01.17 05:02 gitarcisavas This is sad.

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2022.01.17 05:02 iamcalifw 🚀Sensei Shib - $SENSHIB Ownership Renounced💎 | Utility Ready | Director Doxxed | Low Starting MC 📈 | KYC & Audit Done 🔒| Next 1000x Community Gem 💎 | Bow down to DeFi’s New Ecosystem 🥋|

Sensei Shib a unique and wise master token with powerful utilities!
It is written in the universe that Sensei Shib will appear first on the Binance Smart Chain Network (BNB) via PinkSale, this is where Sensei Shib will follow his destiny, establish his presence and gain his initial following!
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2022.01.17 05:02 DarkChild9 Best Hotels In Kent - For Families, Couples, Work Trips, Luxury & Budget

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2022.01.17 05:02 Sakshaam cousins :)

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2022.01.17 05:02 Illustrious-War-6099 0 Durability Item

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2022.01.17 05:02 Informal_Aioli_8902 $SCORPFIN | Hyperdeflationary token with double reward of 10% BNB and 5%ScorpFin | two own DApps already up and running | Audit from InterFi | Doxxed Team | Own ScorpSwap with staking, farming and lottery | development of own Game Metaverse, first gameplay videos already available | Listed on CMC

Scorpion Finance is a new ecosystem based on Binance Smart Chain, combining DeFi, NFT and GameFi, with more DApps, a hyper-deflationary token with dual rewards for holders in $BNB and $SCORPFIN and its own VAR Gaming Metaverse in development

Major ecosystem projects:

ScorpFolio, a web and mobile version cryptocurrency portfolio control app. Now controls assets based on Binance Smart Chain, other networks will be added soon

ScorPay - payment app for everyday use, with cryptocurrency payment options

ScorpSwap - DeFi platform with exchange, staking and farming capabilities

ScorpNFTracker Market - app for creating, trading and tracking NFT, with $SCORPFIN reward

Scorp Games - own Game Metaverse - SCORPMetaverse, a type of game, partially owned and operated by the player, with elaborate gameplay and quality graphics. This is a higher version of Metaverse and a new trend in the gaming ecosystem where for example users can buy lands and actually experience the lands, become a part of it.

The game takes place in multiple universes, starts from earth where the player overcomes some obstacles in order to get a key to the portal that will lead to a particular universe. It's a very engaging game and players will earn tokens/coins which can be accessed through Trust or Metamask wallets.

The development team is public and passed the KYC by InterFi. Experienced with Japanese gaming giant Square Enix and US gaming giant Zynga, developed testing environments for Toyota, Subaru and Honda, corporate VAR solutions. Provided a gaming environment for testing autonomous vehicles that was used at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, as well as CG services in movies and TV shows such as The Jungle Book and War of the Worlds Z,

The token is $SCORPFIN based on the Binance Smart Chain

Token Address(BEP20): 0x475c8df9860e42605d9917f0a2e522cc861cbf82

Total Supply - 100B $SCORPFIN
10% Reflection Reward in $BNB and 5% Reflection Reward in $SCORPFIN
2% of every transaction is transformed into $SCORPFIN (2%) for auto Buyback burn.
Audit from InterFi Passed
Listed on CMC, CoinGecko, PancakeSwap
Learn More - scorpion-finance dot com
Chat - telegram ScorpFin
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2022.01.17 05:02 username123456111111 the word Ohio looks like a motorcycle with a built-in butt plug in its seat

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2022.01.17 05:02 MarkHand1965 Some people may actually be able to stay afloat if it weren't for this.

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2022.01.17 05:02 EldritchEggoWaffle How do I write words?

I want to write but how do I start?
Which letter of the alphabet should I start off with?
"Just write," but HOW? How do I write and how do I start?
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2022.01.17 05:02 autotldr ‘Not knowing is heartbreaking’: sleepless nights among Tongan diaspora after contact with country cut off | Tonga volcano | The Guardian

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 71%. (I'm a bot)

Like Taumoepeau, have been tuning in to Facebook livestreams from Tongan churches, media outlets and community groups based in Australia, New Zealand and the US."The first night I tried to force myself to sleep, and I couldn't, so I tuned in to an online broadcast Basically it was just a vigil. They said: 'We're going to pray and play music and wait,' so everyone was waiting online together through the night."
For Australia's 15,000-strong Tongan-Australian community and the more than 80,000 people who identify as Tongan in New Zealand, the wait for news has been heartbreaking.
Jenny Salesa, the Labour party MP for Panmure-?t?huhu, in Auckland, said she had been able to speak to a Methodist minister on the Tongan island grouping of Ha'apai on Sunday who reported there had been no casualties on Ha'apai's main island.
When she shared that news on Twitter, it was greeted with emotional replies from people with family in Ha'apai, who have been waiting, desperate for news.
"Just not knowing is actually really heartbreaking for a lot of our families. It's good news from Ha'apai that at least the main island has no casualties," she said.
Taumoepeau said that without news from people on the ground in Tonga, diasporic Tongans have become the mouthpiece of the crisis, and have had the responsibility of keeping the disaster front of mind for international media, and keeping people anxious for news informed.
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